Greensborough Historical Society

The European settlement of Greensborough was from 1839 onward and has an abundance of untold history. The Society’s aim is to collect, catalogue, preserve and share the history and heritage of Greensborough and its environs from the earliest records to the present time. Whilst called Greensborough Historical Society, its coverage is not limited to that area alone and includes Greensborough, Watsonia, Macleod, Montmorency, Briar Hill, St Helena, Lower Plenty and Bundoora. Greensborough Historical Society acknowledges the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung people as traditional custodians of the land and we pay respect to all Elders, past, present and emerging, who have resided in the area and been an integral part of the region’s history.

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  • Annual General Meeting 2021

    By Sue Ballantyne, August 2021


    Greensborough Historical Society is currently CLOSED due to COVID lockdown in Victoria. The Greensborough Historical Society's Annual General meeting for 2021 will be held on Friday 24th September. The 2021 AGM was held via ZOOM on September 24th. Many thanks to Anne Paul who has been an active member and Committee member since the Society was formed. Anne's expertise on the Lower Plenty and Plenty River has been greatly appreciated. Anne has stepped down from Committee due to a 'sea change'. Congratulations to those continuing on the Committee of Management: President: Noel Withers Vice President: Norm Colvin Treasurer: John Gibson Secretary: Peter Van Eeken Ordinary Committee Members: Sue Ballantyne, Sue Brenkovich, Dianne Fox and Chris Foster We have one vacancy on Committee Following the AGM, Peter Van Eeken launched the latest GHS publication "Early Days: Greensborough and St Helena" Thanks to the members who joined us for our first online meeting.

  • Book launch

    By Sue Ballantyne, July 2021

    BOOK LAUNCH will take place after the AGM on September 24th via ZOOM

    Book Launch via ZOOM after AGM on 24th September 2021 Early Days: Vol 1. Greensborough 1837-1860 and St Helena 1840-1900 Copies will be available to order after the launch for $25.00 (non-members) or $20.00 (GHS members) Details on ordering process can be found by clicking the tab "Items for Sale" at top of home page.

  • GHS Book Collection

    By Peter Simmenauer, December 2019

    GREENSBOROUGH HISTORICAL SOCIETY INC. LIBRARY BOOKS updated November 2019 Most books listed below can be borrowed by members, except those marked NFL (not for loan); periodical issues are NFL but may be viewed at the Resource Centre.

    GREENSBOROUGH HISTORICAL SOCIETY INC. LIBRARY BOOKS as at November 2019 Most books listed below can be borrowed, except those marked NFL; periodical issues are NFL. Local History 1121 Alan Sartori Humour, by Alan Sartori. The Author, 1996. 916 Arthur’s Creek Mechanics’ Institute, by Bruce G. Draper. Arthur’s Creek Mechanics Institute, 2012. 937 As I Recall: a Collection of Stories – Country to Suburbia. Greensborough Historical Society 2013. 6362 Australian sovereignty - past and present, by Jim Poulter. The Author, 2012 2735 Ballarat and western goldfields sketchbook, drawings by Unk White, text by John Bechervaise. Rigby, 1970. 2163/4, 67/68 Banyule Heritage Places Study: V.2 pt.2 Building Citations L-Z; v.3 Landscape citations; v.4 Heritage areas; v.5 Summary of recommendations and schedule to the heritage overlay, by Allom Lovell & Assoc. John Patrick P/L, 1999. 6096 Banyule thematic environmental history: final report, prep. for Banyule City Council by Context. The Author, 2018. 4668 Barak vs. the Black Hats of Melbourne, by Mick Woiwod. The Author, 2017. 5729 Batman’s ‘treaty’: the true story, by Jim Poulter. Red Hen, 2016 195 Beautiful Banyule: a Register of our City’s Natural Assets, by Carol Toomey. Warringal Conservation Society, 1999. 2452 Bendigo Historic Buildings, by Mike Butcher and Gill Flanders. National Trust of Australia (Vic), 1987. 1180 Bendigo, its environs: the way it was, v.3, by Ken Arnold. Crown Castleton, 2012. 2756 The Birth of Melbourne, ed. By Tim Flannery. Text, 2002. 1049 Boards Beds and Buildings: the History and Development of the Diamond Valley Community Hospital Greensborough, 1941-1971, by Donald Cordner, 1971. Diamond Valley Community Hospital, 1971. 2734 Carlton & Parkville sketchbook, drawings by Bill Beasley, text by Brian McKinlay. Rigby, 1976. 1184 Celebrating God’s Love Together: this is your life & articles from Church Life 1985-2013, comp. by Bryan Henderson. Ian Henderson, 2014. 2742 Cemeteries: our heritage, ed. By Celestina Sagazio. National Trust of Australia (Victoria), 1992. 2450 Centenary history: Church of Saint John, Sorrento. National Trust, 1972. 842 A Century of Compassion: a History of the Austin Hospital, by E. W. Gault and Alan Lucas. Macmillan, 1982. 329 The Club in the Park: an illustrated Account of Montmorency RSL Club Inc. 1946-2003, by Max Dimmack. Benchmark Pubs., 2004. 930 A Community Portrait: Lifetimes in the City of Whittlesea, by Robert Pascoe. City of Whittlesea, 2001. 5827 Copping it sweet: shared memories of Richmond. Carringbush Regional Library, 1988. 514/15 Coranderrk database, comp. by Mick Woiwood. Tarcoola Press, 2012. 644 Diamond Valley Sketchbook, drawings by Graham Hawley, text by Brian McKinlay. Rigby, 1973. 028 The Diamond Valley Story, by Dianne H. Edwards. Shire of Diamond Valley, 1979 712 Down ‘Borough and other Stories, by Kay Arthur. Barrow Creek Books and Music, 1982 5728 The Dust of the mindeye: the use of biological warfare in the conquest of Australia, by Jim Poulter. Red hen, 2016 5730 The Eight Wurrundjeri seasons in Melbourne, by Jim Poulter. Red Hen, 2015 248 Eltham District Historical Society Newsletter. 2011-` 2318 Eltham Inhabitants: Church in Community 1850-2000, by Kenneth Eric Eckersall. Eltham-Montmorency Uniting Church, 2000. 204 Eltham Shire: Historical buildings, People and Places. Words Marguerite Marshall, Photographs Ron Grant. Leader Associated Newspapers, 1983. 7013 The Encylopedia of Melbourne, ed. by Andrew Brown-May & Shurlee Swain. Cambridge U.P., 2005. 3017 Eureka reminiscences, ed. by Ballarat Heritage Services. Ballarat Heritage Services, 1998. 5732 Finding lanky Manton, by Jim Poulter. Red Hen, 2017 2779 Fine spirit and pluck: World War One stories from Banyule, Nillumbik and Whittlesea, by YPRL Yarra Plenty Press, 2016. 198 First years at Port Phillip, by Robert Douglass Boys. Robertson & Mullens, 1935. 3053 The Future growth of Melbourne. MMBW, 1967 846 Gendarme, the police horse, by John Richardson, photography Ian Brown. Lansdowne Pr. 1971. 1080 Glimpses of the past: Mont Park, Larundel, Plenty, by Iliya Bircanin and Alex Short. The Authors, 1995. 2229 Golden days on the Caledonian diggings: the diaries of Thomas Young. Andrew Ross Museum, 2005. 893 Grave Concerns. Queenstown Cemetery, 2015- 943 Green and Growing 150 Years: Historical Snapshots of All Saints’ Anglican Church Greensborough. All Saints’ Anglican Church, 2005. 592 Greensborough and Greenhills, words by Irene Turvey, drawings by Ron Reynolds. Cypress Books, 1973. 6057 Greensborough Cemetery, ed. By Eric Poulter. The Author, 2018. 048 Greensborough Primary School No. 2062, 1878-1980, Centenary History, written by Val Carlson et al. Greensborough Primary School, 1980? 2738 Greensborough RSL Sub branch: a proud history. Greensborough RSL, 2015 2449 The Happy Hermits & Diary of a Trip to Evelyn. Mount Evelyn History Group, 2013. 1120 Harry Downie Down Under: the Poems and Thoughts of Harry Downie. The Author, 1994. 244 Heidelberg Conservation Study Pt.1: Heidelberg Historic Buildings & Areas Assessment, by Graeme Butler. City of Heidelberg, 1985. 243 Heidelberg Conservation Study Pt. 2: Historic Riverland Landscape Assessment, by Loder & Bayly Marilyn McBriar. Rev. ed. City of Heidelberg, 1987. 095 Heidelberg Historian. Heidelberg Historical Society, 2005- 027 Heidelberg Since 1836: a Pictorial History. Ed. By Cyril Cummins. Heidelberg Historical Society, 1st ed 1971 & 2nd ed. 1982. 894 The Herald Road Guide. Colourgravure Pubs., 1950s? 110 Heritage Information Pack, by Banyule City Council. Banyule City Council, 2011. 200 Historic buildings of Victoria, ed. By David Saunders. Jacaranda Pr., 1966. 2759 Historical records of Victoria v.3: The Early development of Melbourne, 1836-1839. Govt. Pr., 1984. 481 A History: the Tin Shed and Beyond. Researched and written by Shirley Hardy-Rix. Watsonia RSL Sub-branch, 1995. 645 In the Beginning There was Only the Land, by Len Kenna. Lions Club of Bundoora, 1988. 281 Insistent Voices: the story of the Diamond Valley Learning Centre, by Michele Lonsdale. Diamond Valley learning Centre, 1993. 6483 Just add water. Friends of Toorourrong, 2019. 2451 Kew’s Civic Century, by W. D. Vaughan. Kew City Council, 1960. 1182 Lemons, Lace & Apron Strings: a Family Life, by Florence Henderson (Hayes). Ian Henderson, 2011. 149 The Life and Experience of an Immigrant, by Otto Rupp. 2nd ed. Yarrambat Historical Society, 1999. 6571 Magic with music, by Albert Fox. The author, n.d (1985?) 5709 Melbourne: a city of stories, by Deborah Tout-Smith. Museum Victoria, 2008 197 Melbourne: John Batman’s village, by Agnes Paton Bell. Cassell. 1965. 851 Melbourne, then & now, by Heather Chapman & Judith Stillman. Thunder Bay Pr., 2005. 4661 Monbulk: living in the Dandenongs, by Dorothy Williams. Woorilla, 1998. 2344 Montmorency: the farm on the Plenty, by Maureen Jones. A. & M. Jones, 2015. 1174 Murrundindi, a True Story, re-told by Karen Brunskill and M. G. Dell. Loranda Publishing, 2001 6474 Ned Kelly: after a century of acrimony, by John Meredith and Bill Scott. Lansdowne Press, 1980. 249 Nillumbik Custodian. Nillumbik Historical Society, 1976- 1050 Nillumbik, now and then: Eltham and beyond, by Marguerite Masrshall. the Author 2002. 6471 Nurses & midwives in Australian history: a guide to historical sources, by Noeline Kyle, R Lynette Russell & Jennifer Blundell. Unlock the Past, 2015. 2921 … the Old borough was good enough: the Greensborough Sunday School Empire Honour Roll 1914-1918… by Bryan Henderson. The Author, 2016. 2737 Old Victorian country pubs sketchbook, drawings by Bill Beasley, text by John Bechervaise. Rigby, 1976. 146 Our First 50 Years, 1955-2005. St. Mary’s Parish Greensborough, 2005? 2231 Paradise lost: on and around the Great Moorool, by Mick Woiwood. Tarcoola Press, 2015. 6375 Pastures new: an account of the pastoral occupation of Port Phillip, by R. V. Billis & A. S. Kenyon. Stockland Press, 1974. 646 The Plenty: a Centenary History of the Whittlesea Shire, by J. W. Payne. Lowden Pub. Co., 1975 097 Plenty News and Views. Plenty Historical Society, 2010- 2165 Plenty River Subcatchment Local Action Program, developed by the Plenty River Subcatchment Working Group. Yarra Care, 1999. 1122 Plenty River Waterway Management Activity Plan, prep. For Melbourne Water by Thompson Berrill Landscape Design Pty Ltd, 2000. Thompson Berrill, 2000. 2328 The Plenty Valley corridor: the archaeological survey of aboriginal sites, by Isabel Ellender. Victorian Archaeological Survey, 1989. 6490 River Yarra sketchbook, drawings by Bill Beasley, text by Brian Carroll. Rigby, 1973. 2745 The Quiet hills, by J. W. Payne. n.d. 5727 Sharing heritage in Kulin country, by Jim Poulter. Red Hen, 2011 1149 The Silver Poplar, by Edmond Smith. 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Meeting Dates

Dates for 2021: The Society meets once per month February to November. General Meetings are held on alternate Fridays ('odd' months) and the informal forums are held on the alternate Saturday ('even' months, starting February) at Greenhills Neighbourhood House: Community Drive, off St Helena Road. Meetings begin at 1.15pm. Any changes to the venue, dates or times will posted on this site so please check regularly before the meeting date. All members and visitors are most welcome to attend these informative and friendly meetings. (Currently numbers are limited due to COVID restrictions) The History Resource Centre is open on Thursdays between 10:00am and 3:00pm., and on selected weekends at corner of Glenauburn and Para Road, Lower Plenty 3093. Committee meetings for 2021: Wednesday: Committee meeting are scheduled generally on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Members will be advised of outcomes. During COVID lockdowns, Committee will meet via email or ZOOM 20/10, 17/11. Contact Noel (9435 4513) or other Committee members with your suggestions for activities or projects. Meeting dates for 2021: All held at Greenhills Neighbourhood House, Community Drive, Greensborough, commencing at 1.15pm. Friday 24/09/2021 - AGM via ZOOM, starting at 1.00pm; Saturday 30/10/2021 (Heritage Meeting); Friday 26/11/2021 (Christmas Meeting). Check on home page for updates on speakers and activities. Note that GHS follows current COVID restrictions. SOCIAL MORNING TEAS 2021: Tuesdays: 12/10 CANCELLED, 07/12. Held on Tuesday morning, this is a social occasion, not a formal meeting. All members and friends are welcome. Generally held near Muffin Break on the top level of Greensborough Plaza. Check homepage for details prior to event. OPEN DAYS AT THE RESOURCE CENTRE 2021: Saturday 09/10/2021.CANCELLED Hours are 1.00pm to 4.00pm. The Resource Centre at Glenauburn Road Lower Plenty is normally open every Thursday (10am - 3pm). Due to COVID restrictions, numbers are limited. Visitors should contact Noel (9435 4513) to book a time.

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Membership Information

The Greensborough Historical Society always welcomes new members and visitors to its meetings and functions. If your interests are historical, heritage or family history, you are welcome to join us. Membership is another valued contribution to help the Society record the district's history and heritage and we hope you will join with us to contribute your time, knowledge and skills in the many activities and projects the Society undertakes and promotes.

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Request For Help

  • Local Information and Photos

    Main Street Greensborough

    Here at Greensborough Historical Society we are always looking for information and photos of the area in days gone by. If you or your family lived in Greensborough, Watsonia, Macleod, Montmorency, Lower Plenty or Bundoora, we'd love to hear from you! We can scan photos and return the originals to you, or you could email digital photos to If you are interested in sharing your story through an oral history interview, please contact the Society. We look forward to hearing from you.

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